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Findhorn Frequencies  and  Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils

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Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils
Single Bottles only £14.95 each plus P&P

A unique set of 64 vibrational oils 

to take the Siddhi frequencies into your cells

The oil creates a new energetic pathway, informing the messages between the cells, dissolving old pathways, and bringing a sense of relief to the body-mind, enabling a more direct connection to the deeper wisdom hidden in your DNA.

Each Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oil:

  • Contains a unique siddhi frequency in a carrier of organic sesame seed oil
  • Is provided in an elegant 10ml bottle with a stainless steel rollerball for mess-free application
  • Is protected by a velvet pouch which also contains an information card giving details about the use and application of the oil

It’s easy to create your own tailor-made set by choosing the individual oils associated with your Gene Keys profile or choosing those that accompany your immersion in the Golden Path or Dare To Be Divine.