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My Story

Excerpt from the introduction to my first booklet "Interwoven"

One day I was walking on Findhorn beach and talking with a friend about the state of the world. He asked me if I thought there was any point in worrying about recycling, using a bicycle instead of a car, and being more ecologically conscious in general. He said, “Maybe it’s too late and there’s no point in bothering.”

I found myself responding, “Yes, you may be right. I think that the real reason we’re here is to discover that we’re actually multi-dimensional beings of light, not just physical bodies, and if the only way we’re going to get it is by destroying the physical dimension, then I guess that’s what we’ll do.”

This idea had never occurred to me before, and it’s not a comforting thought, but it has prompted me to do more about helping people understand this multi-dimensional aspect of our being, in the hope that the physical world can remain intact.

As human beings we stand between the universe and the earth, and we live in an amazing context we call LIFE. The journey here is really about humanity’s ability to combine earth love and wisdom with universe love and wisdom. We need to do this one by one – each person taking personal responsibility for the learning, for maintaining that connection and for radiating this way of being on the planet. Our physical bodies are the meeting place for these powerful, transformative energies.

I first discovered the healing power of herbs when my husband and five-year-old daughter developed a chronic ear problem which allopathic medicine couldn’t resolve over a long period of time. A few visits to a herbalist changed their lives - and mine because this amazing result inspired me to study Herbal Medicine at Southern Cross Herbal College in Australia.

My journey with the vibrational aspect of life began in 1988 at the end of my training as a herbalist, when I had an experience of awakening. I didn’t call it this at the time, but that’s how I view it now. This opened up a flow of information that came from outside of myself...."

A synergy of skills

Twenty-eight years ago I qualified as a Herbalist and soon after learned to dowse in the style of Jack Temple, which opened me up to new information provided through clairaudience, and an experience of the powerful healing that is possible with vibrational remedies. 

This integrated approach is based on a sound knowledge of the physical and energetic bodies and I offer practical, down-to-earth ways of addressing physical problems through nutrition, herbal and vibrational medicine.

My Journey

Diploma of Herbalism and 

Naturopathic Nutrition

Diploma of Vibrational Medicine

Diploma of Energetic Cellular Healing

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