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When contemplating a particular personal gene key, applying the vibrational oil will re-connect you to the deeper wisdom of your DNA and accelerate the embodiment process. Applying the frequency of the siddhi to the meridian lines or chakras, brings additional information and opens an expansive healing pathway. There is greater clarity, ability to gain insight, to assimilate, integrate and activate the light and the higher qualities into your life.

When a vibrational oil is applied to the skin, it creates re-connection in the cellular structure so there is suddenly more information available through both the physical and energetic pathways of the body. This enhanced information and connection, allows the deeper knowing / wisdom to come through the meridian and chakra system into embodiment at a cellular level. It’s a very powerful, yet subtle process.

Each of the 64 Sacred Siddhi oils is a unique frequency in an elegant 10ml bottle with a stainless steel rollerball for mess-free application.The carrier for the frequency is organic sesame seed oil. Each velvet pouch also contains an information card with details about the use and application of the vibrational oil.

These oils are to be used when you want to unlock particular aspects of your DNA, and want to deepen your connection to the wisdom of the Gene Keys. You may decide to work with the siddhis associated with your Golden Path, or work specifically on your Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence or Star Pearl, to support your contemplation of the specific siddhis.  The Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils are a perfect accompaniment to Richard Rudd's new course Dare To Be Divine .

For more information about the Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils and the frequencies they contain, please see my booklet for sale in the store. 

If your Siddhi frequency isn't in stock be sure to email me and let me know :)

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