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"There aren't words for how grateful I am to Kate for her work.   She has supported me though some of the toughest physical and emotional processes in my life so far. She works with such professionalism, clarity and strength and I genuinely couldn't have done it without her!  

I experience her work to be down-to earth, compassionate and fully integrated into all aspects of life and well-being. I know I am healthier on all levels thanks to her amazing work. 

Thank you Kate!"

KM, United Kingdom

Vibrational Medicine Consultations                      
What Happens In a Session

Vibrational treatment will help you to feel physically vibrant, emotionally balanced, mentally clear 

and connected to your soul path. 

Physical symptoms at a cellular level are about disconnection, and can be annoying small things or life threatening in their enormity. 


Disconnection happens when chemical bonds are broken through traumatic experiences in the past and trauma is often not a conscious memory but can be something buried at the deepest levels of our subconscious.  

Trauma affects every message held in the body and can keep you stuck in destructive patterns, despite years of talk therapy and having engaged in a myriad of workshops and spiritual practices. 

Sometimes the pattern is a chronic feeling of underlying anxiety, or maybe you feel as if you're living life half-heartedly with no real sense of purpose.   Trauma can be emotional, structural or biochemical, and even come from a past life.  

With vibrational treatment a new level of vitality unfolds as connection and flow begin to happen at the deepest cellular level. As the remedies bring clarity, connection and a sense of integration, the body, mind and soul begin to dialogue in an expansive way.

"Kate has helped me with various chronic issues, emotional, spiritual, physical and systemic, that I haven’t succeeded in solving in other ways.  Her calm and understanding attitude is a true oasis in times of uncertainty. She helps put things in perspective and brings them back to simple, manageable and normal. 

Kate advised me to take herbal remedies, which resolved the bloating and low mood I had suffered from for 32 years. With her suggested Bach remedies, I have been able to rid myself of most of my acne, which has been with me for the same amount of time. Tissue salts helped me sleep again and the vibrational remedies cleared a stifling performance anxiety when writing my thesis. You may understand my utter joy at this. 

However, she couldn’t have stunned me more than when she asked:  "What are you doing on the 22nd?"  And I had no idea.  It turns out I was going to be invited to do a piece of systemic work in a workshop I hadn’t even booked yet, and that would turn my life up side down.... in a good way!  She knew before me! 

No ordinary mystic at all."

V Vorstman, London UK

"Dear Kate, heartfelt thanks for you, for your skills, your presence and for our work, together.  I am pain free, full of peace."

FS, United Kingdom

At the start of the session, I invite the client to breathe and connect with themselves, which allows thoughts to drop away and the energy to move more into the body.  

Everything in life is about connection, and in the session we make space to intentionally become present and connected with ourselves, each other, our own soul and the other realms that support us, along with holding a clear, joint focus on increased wellbeing at all levels.

The healing journey is a co-creative one.  My work is to identify and remove the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks on as many as 12 different levels to enable connection to love and wisdom, and to ensure that the client’s internal dialogue flows easily.  

This offers the power to create change at the deepest level of the cellular tissue and DNA.  The healing comes when we act from a different place following treatment.  Thoughts, patterns, habits etc. fall away, and still we must choose with our will to act differently.

The treatment involves making the cause conscious through the conversation we share and then the application of vibrational remedies to a variety of points on the body, related to meridians and/or organs.  

Supplementary advice regarding nutrition, supplements, hydration and sometimes prescription of herbal medicine can also be part of the session.

Each session lasts one hour and the cost is £75.   Vibrational remedies are included in the cost and there is an extra charge for herbal medicine.

"Kate is a master healer. 

Her many years of training, experience and dedication combine to create treatments that are profound in the transformation they create.  Through Kate's work I have permanently released insidious patterns that were threatening to stifle my life force and limit my potential. 

The vibrational work has unlocked aspects of myself that I once only had glimpses of, and combined with her herbal knowledge I am now radiating good health, 

vibrant energy and powerful self confidence.  

Due to this support I am now living a life 

of prosperity and ease."

L Sutherland, United Kingdom

"When I think back to where I used to be, to how I used to think about things, and to how horrible I often felt inside, I can hardly believe how far I’ve come on my journey. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I could not have done any of this without the love and dedication, wisdom and insight, that you put into your work.  Thank you so much Kate."

JH, United Kingdom