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Findhorn Frequencies  and  Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils

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These powerful vibrational oils are designed to:

  • Connect you to your deeper sense of purpose
  • Empower your soul's evolutionary journey
  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Connect your will to your soul
  • Bring heart and head into alignment

By using the Findhorn Frequencies vibrational oils, you can improve your connection to higher dimensions, and hold the light and information at a cellular level.  As they connect you to your own deepest wisdom, joy, purpose and on-going evolution, you're offered the chance to experience your most expansive version of your human self.

The beautiful box contains nine unique Findhorn Frequencies vibrational oils, a booklet explaining how to use the oils, and a pendulum for dowsing the appropriate oil for the time. Each 10ml bottle has a stainless steel roller ball for easy, mess-free application to your skin at the meridian points. 

You can now also purchase the nine frequencies as individual bottles in a beautiful velvet pouch, which includes an information card explaining how to use the oil.  

At just £12.95 these single bottles are an inexpensive way 

to change your life! 

If you'd like to know the story of their development and creation, or see what other people have to say about the power of these oils, please check out my Facebook page  www.facebook.com/FindhornFrequencies

The  unique set of nine Findhorn Frequencies vibrational oils retail at £95, have a 2 year shelf life, and replacement bottles are available to keep your set up to date.  

If you want to order a box set of Findhorn Frequencies, or purchase a single bottle, please click here to place your order.